controlling to watch tv and mobile

My son is 13 year old . he was very honest till his 7th std. but now for watching t v and playing games on mobile he has started telling lies. can u suggest any ways to correct him. i am a working women so not able to handle this


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Hi - I can easily relate to this. First off, you may want to keep your son more transparent. If he's doing a mistake, it's okay to confess without the fear of getting punished. It's not okay to hide.

I stopped subscribing to few favorite channels. And, setup a family TV time. On DTH like Tata Sky, you can put a child-lock on channels.

On mobile you can install Google Family Link App ( ). This lets you control your kids' mobile access.

While the above two tips are just tactical, it's important to understand why kids want to play on TV & mobile. Because they don't have other channels to spend their energy. At this age kids are full of energy. You may want to see if he's interested in any outdoor sports / music class etc so that the energies are spent effectively. Perhaps, if he's interested in reading books? Dance classes ? If there are other kids in your society, see if they can play board games like Monopoly, Chess etc.