Buy Yulu Miracle Bike & Price in India


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All, I stumbled across this forum. Wanted to know if anyone knows how to buy the Yulu Miracle electric bikes in Bangalore.

What is the price? Are there dealers in Bangalore?


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Hi, I don't think Yulu is selling these electric bikes.

There are other e-bikes available starting at Rs.20,000. Eg. Avon e-bikes.

Yulu is importing these bikes from China for it's rental business. But I believe they procure the batteries in India. It's easy to rent these bikes in Bangalore. However if you really really are impressed by the Yulu bikes that you want to own one, you can try buying them via AliExpress. It's going to be an expensive affair for sure!

Check this :


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Thank you. Will check.

These e-bikes in India are expensive. Thought Yulu Miracle might be under Rs.10,000. It's so light weight.